About Us

Our company, which has been operating in the textile industry for over a quarter of a century, manufactures its own patented products under the brands Recobba and Pitbull. The production takes place in our 4,000 square meter factory in Istanbul - Sultangazi, with a monthly production capacity of 100,000 units.

We specialize in the production of pants, shorts, jackets, and shirts for men and women in the age range of 15 to 70. In addition to our wholesale stores in Merter and Laleli, we also have two retail stores in Russia.

Our company primarily focuses on export, with 90% of our business dedicated to markets such as Germany, France, the United States, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and various Arab countries. We strive to increase our market share every year.

Our Mission

Our organization closely follows all technological advancements related to its field and sector. We aim to minimize human errors in the production process by utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and automated systems.

We use top-quality materials in all components of our products and maintain a policy of unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards since our establishment.

We continue our production with experienced personnel who possess the necessary infrastructure and technical knowledge to fulfill the requirements of the assigned tasks, representing our corporate culture and principles in the best possible way, while ensuring the production of our patented brands without compromising on product quality and reliability.

We do not perceive sales and marketing as processes that end with delivering the product to the customer. We consider providing all necessary after-sales support as an integral and indispensable part of this process.

We strive to fulfill all the necessary requirements to instill in the customer's mind the belief that they are dealing with a reliable company. Customer satisfaction is among our top priorities.

We understand that institutionalization and growth depend on a qualified and skilled workforce, and we adhere to this principle without compromise.

Our Vision

Our goal is to primarily increase the global recognition of our proprietary brands. By fulfilling all actions and requirements that create a perception of quality and trust in our brands, we aim to expand our market share on a global scale, activate potential markets, and increase our presence in existing markets.

We continuously diversify and enrich our product range to cater to different age groups and preferences, aiming to reach a wider audience with our products through ongoing research and efforts.

By closely monitoring societal preferences and consumer habits in the markets we target, we diversify and enrich our products according to changing tastes and preferences.

Since our establishment, we have consistently shown a trend of growth, raising our success bar each year as we progress confidently towards becoming a global brand.

The foundation for achieving all these goals lies in the fact that success is built on high-quality products. Therefore, we conduct all necessary R&D studies to maintain the highest level of product quality.